Why You Need Caravan Insurance

Need Caravan Insurance

There are many types of accidents and mishaps that can occur while you are on an exciting trip far from home in your caravan, and you may diligently maintain an insurance policy to protect yourself from financial loss related to an accident. However, if you are like most people, you may only use your caravan for a few weeks out of each year. Some people may consider cancelling their caravan insurance during long stretches of time when their vehicle is in storage to save money. While this may sound like a great idea on the surface, it unfortunately can have devastating consequences. Caravan insurance should ideally be maintained year-round, and there are several good reasons why.

Theft and Vandalism Can Occur at Any Time
One of the primary reasons you may purchase caravan insurance is to protect yourself from financial loss in the event of a vehicular accident on the road. When your vehicle is in storage, however, this threat is eliminated. While a caravan accident may not be a concern, theft and vandalism can occur while your caravan is in storage. These events may result in costly damage or even a total loss to your caravan. Caravan insurance may pay to repair damage from vandalism or to replace the vehicle if it is stolen.

The Threat of Severe Weather Conditions
Severe weather conditions may include high winds, damaging hail stones or even torrential rainfall that results in flooding. All of these conditions can wreak havoc on your caravan, and they can occur throughout the year. Most caravan owners do not store their vehicle in an indoor environment, so weather conditions are always a concern. Even if you do have indoor parking available, consider the fact that flood waters can still reach your vehicle indoors. More than that, strong winds can tear off garage doors and blow down walls to reach your vehicle. Caravan insurance will protect you from financial loss when a major storm blows through your area.

Fires Can Rage At a Moment’s Notice
Fire is another force that threatens the condition of your caravan at any time of the year. Fires can be started by a random lightning strike in an inopportune area, a stray cigarette being tossed in nearby grassy area, an electrical malfunction in an indoor facility and more. As you can see, both indoor and outdoor environments are at risk of fire damage, and this means that your caravan is also at risk. Most caravan insurance policies include compensation if your vehicle is damaged by a fire.

While it may save you money to cancel your caravan insurance when your vehicle is in storage, roadside accidents are not the only peril that your insurance policy covers. Your caravan is at risk to suffer damage or worse even when it is not actively being used. With this in mind, it makes better financial sense to eliminate these risks from concern by maintaining adequate coverage on your caravan throughout the year.

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